I started out playing guitar as a teenager, but upon discovering the Hammond organ my interest quickly changed to keyboards. In my early 20's I took out a substantial loan and purchased a Hammond B3 and Leslie speaker -- wow! Within a few weeks I was happily playing in a local rock band and performing in clubs all over Michigan. That experience led to bigger and better things with various cover bands and show groups performing in countless nightclubs and live music venues from the Midwest to Florida to California. Being a full time travelling musician and playing in some of the hottest clubs in the country was a great experience! My fifteen minutes of fame came when I performed with the legendary Coasters at Disney World and was featured on the same bill as "The Father of Rock n' Roll" himself, Chuck Berry! Later in life I decided to go back to college and learn how to program computers, which became my day job for several years. I relocated to Seattle in 2000 with my wife, where I was presented the opportunity to return to music. Playing keys and bass at local jam sessions, I met and connected with many Seattle musicians, including my current fellow band members. It's great to be back on stage and playing some of my favorite music of all time, 60's music, with MOD MEN!


My first set of drums weren't even drums, they were oatmeal boxes! Nevertheless, those boxes got me started on my lifelong passion for drums and percussion instruments. It wasn't long after I started playing that I joined a drum and bugle corps with my brother which was great experience – but then I heard the Beatles! Seeing the Beatles playing and singing their own music, and being loved and admired was truly an epiphany for me and changed my life! At that point that I diligently pursued getting my own set of professional drums and was soon on the path that lead to playing with cover bands ranging from 60's psychedelic, to pop, blues, funk, and even swing bands, but I never lost my affinity for the music that inspired it all, the music of the 60's. MOD MEN has made it possible for me to take my love of music full circle and once again perform the 60's music that first inspired me years ago. One of my favorite 60's groups was the original Yardbirds, who are still among the most influential rock groups of all time. One of the true high points of my music career was the honor and privilege of playing drums in the opening act for that very group – that was an experience I'll never forget! MOD MEN truly captures the energy and authentic feel of 60's music like no other group I've had the pleasure of playing with!


After seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show at the age of 7, I decided right then to become a musician! My very first instrument was piano, which gave me a solid background in music and music theory. I decided to take up violin at age 12, and ultimately found my ‘home' instrument, bass guitar, at age 16, and have played bass ever since, along with a little guitar. I attended North Seattle Community College where I majored in music and music theory and performed in a big band as well as smaller jazz combos. After college, I embarked on a part time music career playing country, rock and jazz before joining a "Top 40" band in the 80's and traveling the Northwest and Canada. Later, as a bandleader, I formed my own group and played corporate events and Pacific Northwest nightclubs. After recording and producing a number of CD's featuring our original material, we further expanded into festivals and ticketed events, warming up for The Lettermen at the festival in Sandpoint Idaho. I later played that same festival a bass player/singer in a Chicago tribute band. The 60's music and artists started the modern rock era as we know it today, which is why it's such a great pleasure and privilege to be a part of MOD MEN and be teamed up with such accomplished musicians and genuinely good people.

I got my first guitar when I was in 5th grade. I learned the chords and words to the Beatle's song, “Please, Please, Me”, and was playing and singing it that very same day. While I had no idea what the song was about, that didn't matter – my dream of being musician had officially taken off! I got my first electric guitar and joined my first rock band in 8th grade. Soon, I was playing gigs at military bases, schools, colleges and private parties. For the next 40-years I honed my skills and endeavored to keep abreast of the latest dance music and guitar techniques while periodically performing on the road and in local night clubs. While I loved and played the music of the 70's, 80's and 90's, the music I've always felt the greatest passion for is the music of the 60's. As a member of various configurations of cover bands playing rock, blues and funk, I toured the North Western United States and Western Canada. Along the way, I was fortunate to hit the big stage on a number of occasions as guitarist/singer in the opening act for major recording groups including REO Speedwagon, Rare Earth, Styx and Dr. Hook & The Medicine Show. MOD MEN gives me the opportunity to perform the music I love the most, and the pleasure of doing so with 3 great guys and excellent musicians…what more could an old guitar player ask for?